Exclusive Content

Hi friends!

As of recent, Naty has been adding exclusive content to her sets, and it has been getting some amazing feedback!.

However, please stop messaging support to offer to pay a lot more than the set’s regular price or to set up offers for the exclusives. These ain’t shiny pokemon cards 👁👄👁 . I promise you, yes she’s a goddess, I agree with you, but you can live without them.

I’m sorry for whatever happened that made you unable to be inside the amount of people allowed for exclusivity but for starters, it’s out of our reach and please be respectful and follow the rules.

-With love, The Sweet and Spicy Team

Newest products available for purchase!

I know we’ve been a little dormant for awhile due to to PRCC crunch but we’re back with new sets and planning more to come! Thank you for being so patient and understanding with us <3

We’re also planning some collab sets so please look forward to that 👀

Errors with Paypal payments

Hi hi! The Sweet and Spicy team here!

We’ve noticed quite a number of orders that are paid through paypal, getting charged, but the order gets cancelled. We’ve been in contact with Support for the past few days to help us but it’s taking longer than expected as time zones are different 🙁

However, I’ve been keeping an eye out on all the incoming orders and have been manually processing the ones that encounter this error. It is guaranteed that you will be receiving the product you paid for.

I want to apologize for all the inconveniences this has brought on but just know we’re working on making the process smoothly again as quickly as possible!