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This set includes 67 pictures and 7 videos!

It features:

  • nip slips
  • booba
  • bit of feet
  • suggestive posing
  • tights
  • butt

Please leave a review here, on my dms or on my tellonym! All feedback is appreciated!



This started off as wanting to make a nurse Morrigan set but I couldn’t find the wings I made for her awhile ago 😂 then I couldn’t figure out how to put on the lil nurse hat so I just said “fuck it, I’ll do this with what I got in hand” and this is the result! Hope you guys like it! <3

1 review for Nurse

  1. Yasin RS (verified owner)

    In for a treat. One of my fav. This was very sexy, from pics and videos. Highlighting from different angle. Very nice and sensual outfit with mysterious setting. Reason to check in more to nurse lol. Hope you continue with nice quality. Only wish it had pic with straigh back booty pic. This was a great set!

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