your angle or yuor devil


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131 pictures and 20 videos!


  • Floor grippers
  • Booba
  • Butt
  • Body close ups
  • Slight nip slips
  • Pov shots

Angle includes:

70 pictures and 10 video clips averaging from 5 – 10s all combined into a 1m27s video. The panty was pretty small on me so you might not want to miss it 🤭.

Devil includes:

61 pictures and 10 videos averaging from 4 – 12s all combined into a 1m14s video. The strip of fabric that is meant to cover the nipples clearly was not designed to stay put for anyone that is not flat 😭


videos are muted since neighbors have a tendency to speak loudly on the phone 😭 sorry </3

Game Grumps on Twitter: "NEW! A Burgie keychain has appeared in the shop! He can be your angle…. or yuor devil…. either way, he spins! And those typos are FOREVER." /


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