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  • floor grippers (feet lol)
  • oppai
  • pantsu
  • cake

7 reviews for Ankha

  1. mrmknight (verified owner)

    Le falta el sello de Goya 🙏

  2. Kingmonkey (verified owner)

    We should have a chance to buy the 15 first buyer pic. It’s unfair for us who live in different times zones

    • Naty Cora

      Hi friend!

      I’m here to say I completely disagree with you. The set was stablished to be published at 7 pm EST several times,If you’re well aware you’re in a different time zone and didn’t set a reminder or alarm, I’m sorry but that’s out of Naty’s control and responsibility.

      Hope you have a nice day

  3. Matthew Bishop (verified owner)

    I would say Naty is one of the most beautiful women out there and this set definitely shows that. This Cosplay not just looks amazing but extremely sexy with Naty’s features. I was just ONE off from being in the first 15 so my heart is sad but this purchase is definitely worth it! We got the Ankha set now we just need the Sonic set and finally we can experience true world peace.

  4. IHateAnime (verified owner)

    Wasn’t quick enough to be part of the first 15 but I don’t regret my purchase 10/10

  5. Diego Droguett (verified owner)


  6. Martin Fraser (verified owner)

    First impression- Holy smokes this is the BEST set. If you get any, get THIS one.

    Sheer perfection.

  7. Ralph Cuadros (verified owner)

    First 😤

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